Wednesday, October 15, 2008

spindle success

Okay so the kente strips thing didnt work so well - but I will keep thinking and trying on that.

Meanwhile, I found really good instructions on how to use the top spindle from youtube and finally got the hang of it. Of course I dont look very expert - but the job gets done.

Am currently using 's rodney colorway roving that I got way back in spring of 2008 and am practicing handspun yarn. Its very "artsy":)

will post pictures of the unevenly wound first attempts once I crochet it into something.

My mother will be ever so amused when I tell her I can finally use a spindle (she is quite the expert [at least in my eyes] - even now when she can barely see, her fingers are nimble - - spinner of khadi cotton yarn on her ancient charkha used when she and my father moved with Gandhi followers way back when...).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm back to my yarns..

Stayed away from etsy, ravelry and my stash for a while in an attempt to "cut back" but also because my job and other responsibilities kept me busy elsewhere.

Currently trying to get my stash (both yarn and handloom fabric and other such goodies) all organized in the room that my son moved out of last August (happily with a job) .

Started to crochet narrow strips from my stashed yarn - in a sort of impressionistic attempt at putting them together somewhat in the fashion of Kente handloom fabric where they weave strips of cloth and put them together in the form of a larger fabric.

Of course, given my full time job and other activities - this project will take a while.

But am back at work with my crochet hook:)